The Walking Dead: BRAINCAAAAKE

This feast was a fun departure from our regular style recipes and was a chance to highlight Ashley’s superb cake styling abilities! The Walking Dead remains one of our favorite shows and graphic novels and now that it’s returning for its 3rd season, what better timing then now? Also featuring special guest Glenn from The Walking Dead… or IS IT!? (You’re not racist for thinking it is. Jimmy actually does bear a striking resemblance to Steven Yeun, and vice versa!)


  • Circle pan
  • Frosting
  • Fondant
  • Pink Food Coloring
  • Maraschino Cherries
  • Corn Starch
  • OR: Strawberry jam, Raspberry jam, etc.

First things first – purchase a circle pan from your local crafts store or online! Wilton makes a few, as do several other companies. No worries if the circle pan comes in the shape of a soccer ball or basketball – we’ll be covering this cake up so you won’t see any designs underneath!

The next steps are completely up to you. If you have a favorite cake recipe or just want to make a box cake, go for it! We made a simple Vanilla cake for our recipe since it would pair well with the maraschino cherry topping we were adding later. Using a sharp knife, cut a thin sliver from your circle cake down the middle and combine the remaining halves for an oval shape for our brain. Don’t cut too much! If you’re unsure how much to remove, start smaller and cut more away if you’re unsatisfied with the shape. Finally, cover the cake with frosting and also coat the inside a little so both halves stick together.

To prepare the disgustingly delightful brain matter, you’ll need to prepare the fondant. Use Crisco or shortening to coat your work surface and hands and start to knead and soften the fondant. Then using pink food coloring, only add a tiny small ‘dot’ of coloring to your ball of fondant. This stuff will spread throughout and if you’re not careful, you’ll get an overly pink final result. To be safest, put a small bit in then add more later if absolutely necessary.

Once the fondant is colored, tear away small chunks and begin to roll them out onto your surface. You can use your hands for this! Make small noodle-esque cylinders. Make sure the thickness is even throughout. You can go as thin or as thick as you want here. We used these images to help reference what an actual brain looks like:

(Warning: slightly graphic imagery)……

Make sure both sides are symmetrical or close to it!

Once it’s all done, prepare your blood topping by adding some corn starch to the maraschino cherry juice. If you’d like more red color, you can drop some red food coloring in as well. To really get the corn starch to thicken, you’ll need a little heat. Mix the ingredients together over a low flame. Continually stir until you start to see the blood thicken. Be careful as well with the amount of corn starch you put in – too much and the flavor will start to be a little gross. If you want to make your sauce extra sugary, you can melt some powdered sugar in too!

Dress up that cake! Pour the sauce over any knife wounds you might like to make, otherwise coat the whole thing with blood wherever you see fit. If you’re using a knife for decoration, make sure to either take safety measures before cutting and eating it, or use a fake knife!

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