Skyrim’s Sunlight Souffle

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a book is available to discover called Uncommon Taste. Written by an author known only as “The Gourmet”, this in-game item contains text recipes for two different dishes, The Sunilght Souffle and Potage le Magnifique. We at Feast of Fiction saw and thought we could try the other recipe for the inaugural episode of our show! Surprisingly enough, the recipe turned out quite well, with only a minor change of not using a cupful of nutmeg. If you did truly want to experience some hallucinatory effects (not recommended or condoned by us), go ahead and use the full cup, but be warned – you will render this dish inedible!


  • 2 ½ Ounces Cow’s Cheese (we used Gruyere cheese for the sunshine sauce, Parmesan cheese to cover the souffle dishes)
  • 1 Ounce Butter
  • 1 Ounce Flour (non rising)
  • 4 Eggs (added in by us, original recipe didn’t have eggs but calls for it in the instructions)
  • 9 Ounces Milk
  • A Dash of Salt
  • A Dash of Pepper
  • A Cupful of Ground Nutmeg (reduced to a dash)


- Stoke the flames of your oven, and achieve a moderate heat. (Preheat to 400)

- Grate the cheese into thin shavings by running a finely honed elven dagger over the block.

- Separate the egg whites from the yolks, and beat the whites vigorously until they thicken.

- Begin preparation of the signature Sunshine Sauce: – Melt the butter, and add in the flour while stirring continuously until well blended. – Move the mixture to a smaller flame and begin gently stirring in the milk. It is crucial that you do not stop stirring! – Continue to do so for ten minutes, until the mixture thickens. Then, and only then, will the Sunshine Sauce be considered ready.

- Add the salt, pepper and nutmeg, and remove from the flame.

- Add in the grated cheese, and then the egg yolks. Stir well until fully blended. Then, gently add in the egg whites with a spoon made of carved hickory wood. (fold the egg whites in gently, making sure to not destroy air bubbles)

- Gently pour the mix into four stonework souffle’ dishes, filling each nearly (but not quite!) to the top. (if you’d like, prepare the souffle dishes beforehand by coating them in butter and grated parmesan cheese)

- Put the dishes in your moderately hot oven and shut that door! Keep sealed for 25 minutes, or your scrumptious suns will rise, only to fall down flat into the oven’s abyss. (put in oven and immediately reduce heat to 375 degrees. Bake until the souffles rise and tops are browned. DO NOT OPEN TOO EARLY or the souffles will fall)

- Remove after 25 minutes, and serve immediately.

Behold, the brilliance of the sun, and the exquisite flavor of the Sunshine Souffle!

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  • Becca C.

    Keep making these videos, I’ve watched all of them! :)

  • Joshua pereira

    I think it would be cool if you guys did a vid or something showing how you guys decided to do this and like a behind the scenes or something